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  1. Ruperts at the V Festival.. and so is Georgia Groome No word on whether they're there together
  2. Can I just say that this is possibly the most epic thing I've ever read? Also on a side note, I would just like to say how I love how everyone on here is so friendly and supportive of each other, when I go on other forums, sometimes it is not the case so yeah... I love you guys <3
  3. Hopefully this whole Johnny thing will blow over like the others. Besides, she'll be in the UK for next year so hopefully..out of sight out of mind? Its not that I don't like Johnny, its just that they don't seem right for each other, maybe its just me, but they seem like two completely different types of people
  4. OMG I just saw that! I feel so bad for her
  5. There's a paparazzi video of them? where?
  6. oops..misread your post... sorry
  7. where does it say that? all that is says is that they were spotted.. and the girl seems to be a big harry potter fan with all of her tweets to tomfelton that i wouldn't be surprised if she heard about it like the rest of us sighh...i wish there was a picture to confirm this so we could stop speculting
  8. sorry if it was unclear Emma was definately spotted in the Los Feliz area. From this tweet, it means Rupert was as well, based on the location of the store that he was spotted at Therefore, both of them are likely together
  9. i posted this at the other forum (randeforum.proboards.com) and i would just like to share it with you guys AHH i just want to fly to los angeles now and see for myself. anyways someone tweeted this Jaime_King Jaime King I think I just walked by Rupert Grint aka Ron Weasley sp? outside of @gregalterman Alternative Apparel- almost chased him DOWN! Legit! Alternative Apparel is located in Venice, california http://www.alternativeapparel.com/RetailStores/Venice.aspx which is app. 30 minutes away from los feliz, they may be together or they may not be...i'm just wondering why the g
  10. maybe two different people tweeted at the same time but because of the time zone differences it appears as two dates?
  11. lol.. i like the way you think TICKTOCK <3
  12. Not to be a complete downer.. but I think they may be too young to be getting engaged.. That being said, maybe it's a promise ring from the Grint? I definitely think somethings going on...
  13. I wish there was more news on them... I hate how they're so private about everything
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