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  1. I have to leave for college in half an hour and I am not ready yet. I rather scroll the forums.
  2. I confess that I am kind of sick of my classmates.
  3. I don't do Halloween We have a different event in February named Pust and for that occassion I just wore my pj's to college haha What is your favourite color?
  4. Hello ) I still come here from time to time But I really have trouble remembering everyone so I am not sure... Glad you came back though!
  5. way too shiny for me :/ 2
  6. This one was so haaaaard but the 2nd one I like a little bit more or
  7. Congratulations )) I confess that I am in love with the idea of raising children
  8. Junkie.

    I Hate

    I hate it when I cannot decide
  9. I honestly do not know hehe singer or actor?
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