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  1. thankyou sooooooooooo much!!! georgeousss :)
  2. I'd have to say Les Miserables or West Side Story!!! so manny moree tho!
  3. I want to be an actress! I also dance, too, so that is my second choice. I shoot for da' starrss
  4. thankyou so much! these are lovley! It would be amazing if you could make a specific one for me though! it'd be awesome if it had some of the newer pics of her from photoshoots, etc. whatever you like, really. also have some light blue in it? thankyou SOOOO much!!!! :)xoxo
  5. Does anyone here have an super-awesome-amazing georgie henley graphics I could use? Because that would be ahhh-mazing!!!
  6. wo-ow!! these are really amazing and creative! great job!
  7. pretty snappy! excited for the new forum...
  8. Hey all, it's Charry! (or charlotte) I was on the old forums but haven't been on in a loooooooooong time! (like 6 months?!) I'm uber excited for this new one! lovelovelove charryxoxo
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