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  1. I know this video does not exactly have to do with Rupert and Emma, ​​but I thought you would like to see it (and cry too, as I cried). I have no words to describe it. My heart is full: full of joy, full of nostalgia, full of pride for being a great admirer of this fascinating, unique and magical story that is "Harry Potter"! Long life for our most admired characters Ron, Hermione, Harry, Neville, Luna, Snape, Dumbledore... and so others... This is a story that will live forever in our hearts and will live many generations because of its wonderful message of courage, unity, frien
  2. I think you are making some confusion. Regarding the interview with Daniel and JK, I do not know, because I have not bought the DVD yet, but in my country (Portugal), the documentary "When Harry left Hogwarts" is present on the DVD and not just in the Blue-ray. So the DVD of your countries must also have at least the documentary.
  3. Have you seen this BD from mionewazlib: http://mionewazlib.tumblr.com/post/12467752391 It's hilarious! I can't stop laughing! Only her to create these crazy ideas but so accurate! As for the video of favorite Harry Potter lines, I also found so sweet when Rupert completed Emma's line. Even these small things they complement each other. There is no doubt that they are perfect for each other!
  4. I understand what you say Trixie and partly I have your opinion, that's why I wrote in my post "I know it sounds horrible." I do not wish unhappiness for none of them and if Emma and Rupert never get to be together I wish all the best for them. But like any Rupert and Emma shipper this are good news. And not even being sure of what is real or fictional in this article, something is happening in their relationship, if not, there was no reason to report all this (at least that's what I think). As to what you said about the feelings of Rupert, I've had more doubts about what he felt for Emm
  5. Have you already read this article? My link I know it sounds horrible but I'm so happy! Oh poor Emma, ​​Jonhny has not yet responded to your request (yes!! ), probably the dating will not last long (yes, yes !!! ), is complicated (yes, yes, yes! ) ... Come on, it is time to begin to understand who they are intended! Tick Tock: The clock is back again at high speed!
  6. I don´t know if you already saw this video but here it goes. I think it's beautifully built. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUp_WOPsbks&feature=player_embedded So sweet... Perhaps one of these mirrors that Emma and Rupert in real life need to admit their true feelings for each other!
  7. And that's how they really fall in love for each other... From that day, everything changed... No, I'm not talking about Ron and Hermione... This picture speaks for itself... Reveals secrets that many already knew (like us, loyal shippers)... And yes, feathersbend, I do agree that shows more than acting... Maybe, just maybe, that's why David Yates and David Heyman had not shown us earlier: it could reveal to much!... But my dears, like I said, we already knew that there is passion between these two! Only they do insist on not admit it! Thank you Luciana for sharing this passionate picture
  8. Only now I saw this "little" but wonderful video. Thanks Tick tock for sharing it with us. Makes us not forget that in fact the universe conspires so that they belong to each other one day. Only this can happen when two people are perfect for each other. Another thing: Have any of you just saw the video of Lâncome with Emma? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=keOmSSROmHo I love the final and I swear that the first thing that crossed my mind was related to the relationship between Emma and Rupert: THE END ... it's not the end! Tick ​​tock the clock will
  9. Hi everyone, I'm back again after a well deserved vacation in Azores. I am preparing a small slide of photos I took, but if you want to get a small taste of that natural paradise you can see the picture I took of Lagoa do Fogo (Fire Lagoon) via this link:My link Luciana you sure that Rupert was here in my country? He's been here some time ago, but now I did not know anything ... Unless it was in Algarve. But I find it strange because he was at the V Festival. I see that I lost a lot while I was gone. Apparently I'm not the only one to have some doubts about Emma's feelings for Rupert, is n
  10. Were you talking about the picture that I posted, Luciana? Really? I'd swear it was real! What a shame, I found it so cute. Rupert&emmagrint you made me feel more hopeful! I agree 100% with your words! Tick tock, I've always loved your positive side while reading your comments. And always felt funny when you write "Tick Tock" in the end of your comments. Yeah, you're right: Tick tock the clock doesnt stop! It can stop! It won't stop!!!!
  11. Hi everyone again! Thanks for the welcome! "Hi Flamemist--welcome aboard. I've been to Portugal, and really enjoyed it. Loved the Praca de Comerico especially at night along the river. Well, now onto R/E--oh, they're in love alright. You can see it in their every glance and move. Several of us shippers, are not going to be bothered with any romances they might have along the way, as we know they grew up together, and have all those memories (from over 1/2 their lives). I think that trumps all. So forget about Johnny--and just focus on R/E's love, which is very real. I love that video too
  12. Hi everyone!!! I´m new here but I've been reading your comments for a while. I will try my best to express myself properly in English. In fact, when I hear or read English (which I do every day): Great, I understand very well! But when I have to speak or write properly: jfhjdgsfdgsfgsdfjgj, I mess up, for sure! Well, but from what I've felt about the members of this forum, I'm sure I'll be well received. Am I right? Like you, I'm also a real Ron and Hermione shipper and I always thought there was a very strong chemistry between Rupert and Emma. But from HBP premiere and interviews, I
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