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  1. I Love to read magazines.I get US weekly, Marie Claire, People,People Style Watch, Glamour, Town and Country. Probably more that I can't think of right now. I usually get them from the library. I as well Love to look a fashion and just to look at the photography. Although at times I get depressed bc I want everything I see.


    I also find magazines motivating bc when I see All of these beautiful models/celebrities it makes me want to be in shape and take care of myself. And it gives me ideas about new fashion ect.

  2. Ha. That is so not real. These are the two i got years back when i wrote to Emma's fan mail address. That's the only place you can rely on for authentic genuine autographs. 










    Hope this helps! :D


    even though those autographs are photocopied, that is usually how emma writes her autographs. but then again as mentioned above, maybe at premieres and things she writes it differently.

    I, myself, would never be able to write my name the same way each time lol

  3. I thought Dan's acting was really good, and so was Ruperts, i do agree that he did lack some of that spark but i thought he was funny. I think Emma was really good in the first 3 but towards that end of the series i felt she overacted a bit.

  4. I haven't seen it yet, but judging from the trailers and also Perks, the problem could be that Emma enjoys playing the role too much. That seemed obvious for me with Sam.


    People don't enjoy being themselves so much.


    yes, and I notice that when she was playing Hermione, she sometimes over does the acting a bit.


    Yes, I'm not sure if I should trust my own judgement in this matter. It would be interesting to hear the opinions of people who had never seen Emma before.


    that would be interesting to hear as well.

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