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  1. lol hey guys. glad to see this place is still here :rofl:I haven't been here in years
  2. hello again guys haha. Saw that interview with emma talking about Rupert in her journal or whatever, good stuff
  3. hey guys it's pat. stopping in again, nice to see the r/e love still around. http://www.tv.com/news/20-tv-pilots-we-hope-get-made-into-series-2013-edition-136614069107/ vote for super Clyde
  4. hey guys it's been awhile lol
  5. http://fleetothemountains.tumblr.com/post/24504732998/honestly-i-love-rupert
  6. i haven seen any twilight movies but i hear that all the rob and kristen kisses are pretty cringeworthy and weak? lol anyway, i thought this was cute and might cheer some people up? Emma talking about rupert http://fleetothemountains.tumblr.com/post/24504732998/honestly-i-love-rupert
  7. guys please don't get too bent out of shape over this. MTV awards should not be taken remotely seriously lol. There are so many people who make fun of twilight yet they still somehow win. A lot of people on twitter were saying ron/hermione shoudl have won. Tbh, im more annoyed about breaking dawn winning best movie. well it could be worse. imagine if dan and emma beat twilight last year? lool
  8. bummer, but rupert couldn't be there anyway if they had won because of other committments. if he was there with emma, and they lost, id prob be more annoyed. And it seems like so many people on twitter are saying they should have won, and are sick of twilight, yet twilight still wins? lol
  9. ^and best movie lol oooookkk.
  10. yeah i want to see this. You can tell something bad is gonnna happen lol
  11. Daniel recently was asked at the woman in black premiere a couple days ago and talks about whole thing got blown out of proportion. http://movies.uk.msn.com/features/daniel-radcliffe-to-perform-with-florence-and-the-machine Clearing up the rumour, Radcliffe said: "We haven't fallen out! That's been blown so far out of proportion. "It's not that we've fallen out. It's just that we're both extremely bad at texting people back and meeting up!" the Woman in Black actor added. "We have been like it for ten years!" Radcliffe said.
  12. http://www.nextmovie.com/blog/best-o...n-couple-2011/ vote ron/hermione and spread the word around/.
  13. keep voting guys! spread it around on other sites and tumblr.
  14. well i thought maybe his smile was part of acting because after CUT, he stops smiling although he seems a bit smug to himself. Emma seemed more out of character. Her reaction seemed too natural and genuine especially the giggle lol.
  15. yeah in all seriousness, i was confused about that. Are they supposed to be acting out the smiling and giggles there or did they already break out of character?
  16. http://snitchseeker.com/harry-potter...nations-86046/ Vote for rupert or emma favorite under 25 star: http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/nom...?pollId=110011 and vote for him to be nominated in the fav actor category: http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/nom...?pollId=110002 These are not the final nominees, these are votes FOR the final nominees. The current actor list seems pretty hollywood and superficial.
  17. no problem. I was just making my point lol
  18. Guys, they're dating end of story lol. Let's not become like the delusionals and try to make up stuff to make us feel better about it. It's prob just a short term fling, at least that's what I would guess for now. Just like jay, it'll become long distance because emma's going back to the UK and that's always trouble. Sure of course im bummed it's not rupert. Let's be mature people and be happy for emma, since she looks happy. I have to say johnny is emma's first bf that I don't get a negative vibe from. Tom Ducker was a slimeball, jay was a creeper, and one look at George screamed douche
  19. ^I'm not saying you're wrong or anything, you theory could be correct and I hope it is. But whenever emma and rupert are spotted with other guys and girls or tweeted that they are with other guys and girls, some people here refuse to believe it. Now when it's rupert and emma without visual evidence, it must be true? Bottom line is, I still want picture proof or it didn't happen. Just ONE lol.
  20. ok but emma was papped with her friend sophie in santa monica on the 31st. Granted, santa monica and los feliz are like a 10 minute drive next to each other but still. We need a damn pic like you guys said.
  21. exciting, but I'd like to see pics first. I mean this was four days ago in a Beverly hills hotel supposedly, you would think someone would have taken a pic.
  22. JK was talking about how chris found them all as kids and how they turned out. I think it got emma emotional and she looked at rupert, a good buddy who's been there since the beginning. It's their lives really. As for dan, I agree i don't think he's a good kisser either lol. He's too stiff and seems to pucker. The horcrux kiss was good, but it was all emma There was interview actually where she said she he was intimidated because she was doing all the work. lol
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