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  1. Lets keep this forum alive with lots of pics to this Emma thread http://forum.emma-watson.net/index.php?/topic/2272-emma-random-pics/page/23/
  2. Might be worth dragging and dropping the odd pic to this thread of random pics...... http://forum.emma-watson.net/index.php?/topic/2272-emma-random-pics/page/22/
  3. Looks like this forum now has drag and drop ... did nt know about it !
  4. YES I ve seen forums with drag and drop ability so dont give up on forums yet !
  5. in the old days the Harry Potter movies were coming out year after year there were photo shoots interviews Emma was in the magazines every week she s wowed everyone for 20 years ... its kind of ended now ... similar story with Posh Spice she s kind of faded into the background too but also a forum like this you have to get codes for the pics.... and a lot of people cant be bothered while on facebook you drag and drop pics and also drag and drop vid clips ..... so facebook has kind o
  6. could be face book that s taking everyone away from forums... easy to drag and drop pics up there and even drag and drop movie clips
  7. nothing happening in the forum lately .... yet I see 160 people viewing the forum ... but all guests !
  8. wonder just what date this forum actually started ?
  9. Those interviews with David Letterman.... it is like Emma going for an interview with her Headmaster..........! a bit of an ordeal ! I think she relaxes a lot more with Jonny Ross . .
  10. Dont worry, its bound to be on U tube very soon !
  11. crank up your dvd recorder tonite ! These are the only pics I found http://www.gotceleb.com/emma-watson-leggy-on-the-jonathan-ross-show-in-london-2012-09-28.html .
  12. Thought this was very clever....... great song too
  13. Am I the only one who has posted about this ????
  14. A few weeks ago I was thinking .... it would have been a great plot in one of the movies that ... Emma had a romance with Draco... the hate figure... Harry of course would have been so jealous ...... then suddenly we learn that Emma had a big crush on Draco in real life go here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2009116/Emma-Watson-fell-Tom-Felton-Harry-Potter-set-He-crush.html ( think Emma is on Jonny Ross show this weekend......... dont miss it ! ! ) http://www.gotceleb.com/emma-watson-leggy-on-the-jonathan-ross-show-in-london-2012-09-28.html .
  15. goldenmeadow


    There seems to be a 5 min time limit on the ability to edit a post why any time limit atall ? you could go into admin and take off this petty restriction.
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