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  1. in the  old  days  the  Harry Potter  movies  were  coming  out  year  after  year

    there  were photo shoots  interviews  Emma  was  in the  magazines  every week


    she s  wowed  everyone for   20  years ... its  kind of  ended  now    ...  similar  story with Posh Spice

    she s  kind of  faded into the  background  too


    but  also  a  forum  like this you  have to  get  codes  for the  pics.... and  a  lot of  people  cant be  bothered

    while    on  facebook  you  drag and  drop  pics

    and  also  drag and  drop   vid  clips .....   so   facebook  has  kind of  killed off a  lot of  forums  !

  2. I think the  movie  Beauty and the  Beast  with   Disney  .....  is  great news  for  Emma.... it  will be  a massive  hit....  like  .. Cinderalla  was   a  few  months  ago  for  another  young  British  actress.


     I see  Emma  in  a  kind  of  line...... Helena Bonham  Carter......Lysette  Anthony.....   Emma.....   who... when young.... made  these .....  fairy tale  like......  movies....

    Barbara Cartland  chocolate box  type  movies


     Emma is  still young  and  gorgeous.... and  still looks about  17 !    she s  perfect  for the  role  !


     Maybe she ll  take on a  Barbara Cartland  type    movie  in the  spring  !


    meanwhile ... enjoy the  pics....


     yydbq9h9.jpg[/url] [url=http://imgbox.com/RIRqKpuc]RIRqKpuc.jpg

  3. Philosophers Stone movie on  tv  last  night ....  big   20 min  chunks  when  Emma  was nt  even  on  screen


    Emma was the  star of the movie  but   prob  spent about  6 mins on screen in  total .... crazy  or  wot  ?



  4. Superior  Pics  forum   Hottest  Girl of the  Year  Poll


    SP Hottest Girl of  2014.... Emma  Watson....   Emma  makes  it   5  straight  years  at  No 1


    Previous Years Results:
    SP Hottest Girls of 2013 #1 Emma Watson
    SP Hottest Girls of 2012 #1 Emma Watson
    SP Hottest Girls of 2011 #1 Emma Watson
    SP Hottest Girls of 2010 #1 Emma Watson
    SP Hottest Girls of 2009 #1 Hayden Panettiere
    SP Hottest Girls of 2008 #1 Hayden Panettiere
    SuperiorPics Hottest Women of 2007 #1 Hayden Panettiere
    SP Hottest Woman of 2006 list #1 Jessica Alba
    SP 2005 List #1 Jessica Alba
    SP 2004 List #1 Elisha Cuthbert

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