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  1. Happy new year Tom !

  2. Hi Matt :) I know I have not been here often and I apologize but I wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year still, I hope you had a good time with your family ! I miss you a lot :( I really hope we can talk sooner or later like in the old times. Hugs xxx

    1. Nina


      I wanted to send you this in a private message but apparently your box is full so I have to say it here...

  3. Hey Tom, long time no see ! How are you ? :)

  4. Hey Chris Emma mailed me she said you missed me ^^ I'm sorry it has been so long, how are you ? <3

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    2. Nina


      Good I'm good too :) I'll come chat sometime yeah :)

    3. 130671


      How about now lol :P

    4. Nina


      Oh I did not see this ! :) You see I'm here twice in a week, I improve :P

  5. Check your mails ;)

    1. Emmy Wemmy

      Emmy Wemmy

      I did, where are you? Thought you'd be here by now :(

    2. Nina


      Sorry but no one was coming here so I left :(

  6. Hey Matt :) Happy belated birthday ! I'm sorry I didn't wish your birthday earlier :( I miss you and I really hope you are fine and that we can talk soon ! <3

  7. I cant get back in chat, it kicked me out :(

    1. 130671


      Me too ! Damn !

    2. 130671


      That's really bad....for once you're here and chat just crashes


  8. Good evening :)

  9. I'm right here lol

  10. Thank you Emma ^^

  11. Hey girl get on MSN soon if you can :) xoxo

  12. no don't worry everything is okay :)

  13. And I guess if you are asking it is because Emma told you, is that it?

  14. Thank you Chris I wish you a happy new year as well ! I will tell you tonight if you are here or later

  15. lol hello chris :)

  16. Thank you you too I hope it was great :) I have been pretty good and you ?

  17. Merry christmas Matt :)

  18. Thank you Chris ! Me and Emma had a wonderful Christmas, I do hope you had a great one too !

  19. I'm in chat now so if you want to talk to me you can this time :)

  20. You did ? I'm sorry Chris :(

  21. omg matt I'm so so sorry i left without saying goodbye yesterday had an emergency :( you forgive me ?

  22. Hey :) did you have fun at that bonefire? ha ha I'm happy you thought of me and I send you my hugs and kisses as well ;)

  23. I am good thank you :)

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