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  1. OMG THE NEW ROMIONE PIC IS B L O O D Y B R I L L I A N T !!!!!! And I've to admit that I hate to see him with another girl, I think he belongs to Emma, Nobody else... How dare you kiss that girl RUPERT???? And sex??????? OMG Holy cricket!!!! I'm sure that he was about to puke on her face in that scene , But he really ENJOYED when he kissed Emma!!! http://dw-voldy.blogspot.de/search?updated-max=2012-06-15T18:04:00-07:00&max-results=4 That's a cool site, check it always, The news are always updated!
  2. The Josh one is brilliant!! Well done!!!
  3. PERFECT!!!!! I LOVE the colour!!!!!
  4. WOW I love them!!! Especially the Tonks one!! Great job!!!
  5. OMGOD Helen!!! These updates are amazing!!! Especially Emma ones!!! )) Excellent, B R I L L I A N T !!!!!
  6. Thanks dear I'm glad u like them! and I'm Joanne!!!! LOL
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR!!!!! I WISH THE BEST FOR YOU!!!! I hope you enjoy my graphics!
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IMAGINE!!!!!!! (sorry I don't know your real name!!! haha lol ) I wish the best for you dear!!!
  9. These are awesome! great job girl!
  10. I really adore the first icon from left and the Leo siggy! great job Jade!
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!!! I wish the best for you!
  12. OMG THANKS A LOT SWEETIE!!! I'm really glad you like them!!!!
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