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  1. Totes agree with you. A lot of effort has gone in to it.. I Just wish I could register BUT! I'm looking forward to it.
  2. I'm the same. Ever since I saw it announced I tried really hard to find them silly quills, and most of the time I had to go to university and missed a few of the quill days. And she said it was available after 30 October or something, but still ~nothing. AND we are all left in the dark.. Not one update on when us norms can use it. People are getting bored of it and most of us haven't even had a go!
  3. i've not yet been able to get on what is with that can anyone join or is it just completely closed now ? infuriating because i've been waiting months to use it and still can't get there...
  4. Oh im sorry I didn't see I'll look now.. Thanks
  5. I'm not sure if there is any other topic relating to this, but anyway... I've been trying for 3 months to get onto Pottermore, and it still says its only available to those in BETA Does ANYBODY know when i'll be able to use it ? The Pottermore Insider doesn't help me, i'm forever tweeting about it and still have no answers. Anyone here know what is going on? If so please explain it to me :]
  6. My family, my friends & Boyfriend are a definite! But for things more materialistic... Internet MacBook (lol) My HTC phone Sky+ Music/iPod Cups of tea! MONEY (if i had it haha) Andd... FOOD
  7. Hello Been looking for ages for a wooly jumper with a knitted R on the front just like Ron Weasley's in all the films. Would LOOOVE one for Christmas, anyone know where I can get one ? Or just a maroon knit jumper in general so I can knit the R in myself hehe
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