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  1. All 7 Potter books condensed into comics: http://lucylou.livejournal.com/596984.html Pretty hilarious, definitely worth checking out. Also remember to vote for Ron: http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2011/07/08/harry-potter-world-cup-ron-sirius/ You can still vote for Hermione too, but that seems to be a lost cause.
  2. There was no love triangle w/Lily, James and Snape, that's all fan made stuff. And there's no evidence whatsoever that she had romantic feelings for Snape. (Similarly, I find romanticizing Snape's feelings for Lily weird... they were unrequited, obsessive and quite disturbing in the end.. quite far from romantic)
  3. The title clearly says "Canon couples", something Harry and Hermione are not.
  4. _Everything_ (except the chapters without Harry) in the books is described through a 'Harry filter', Harry's opinions color the descriptions. Harry doesn't describe Hermione's looks in very flattering terms, and he never ever thinks of her romantically... their personalities simply don't match and that doubtlessly also affects how he views her appearance. Ron's description of Hermione would be quite different, without a doubt. Harry seems to like athletic girls (initially he gets to know Cho as a Ravenclaw Quidditch player), both Ginny and Cho fit the description. For Harry, teary and over
  5. You must be delusional, the horcrux kiss in part 1 can only be described as pathetic, comical. *notices your avatar* Yes, I was right.
  6. I believe Hermione has called Ron "Ronald" exactly once (DH), while Ron calling Hermione "Mione" has never happened... except in fanfictions for reasons I can't understand.
  7. I agree, since the movies have pretty much ignored Hermione's house-elf subplot, I don't think they will have anything to do with the kiss.
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