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  1. Weird, he looks exactly like a taller version of a guy I know O.o
  2. Indeed, and I completely agree with you, apart from one thing - you said I said "you say that she doesn't like this and that" - Nah uh. I said that Emma has said in interviews that she finds it can be irratating at times. There is no personal opinion in what I said regarding that, only what I've heard and seen from interviews. I in fact just made a post about that, here: http://forum.emma-watson.net/index.php?/topic/1936-im-in-love-with-emma-watson/page__view__findpost__p__180712 which has my personal opinion as well as what I've said I've heard her say. The way I see it, we agree on th
  3. That said, she also says that Hermione is part of her, and always will be. --- Sorry for double post, I'd already edited #25 :/
  4. What you actually mean is: You love what you know about Emma. That's completely different to loving Emma. Only a couple of words, but a huge difference in meaning. Saying that you "love" someone is deep, too deep to be able to say that for someone you only know from the screen. I too, find Emma the most beautiful woman I know (of), and from what I know of her she seems lovely. However, this doesn't mean anything - for all we know, outside of the screen, interviews, and the world of media she might be a horrible person! Of course, we all know she's not, and I'm completely exaggerating, but d
  5. Yeah, Emma has explicitly said that she finds it slightly annoying to be called Hermione. She said something along the lines of "Some people just seem to forget that Hermione is just a character, that I'm actually a real person called Emma, not a fictional wizard called Hermione!" She says that Hermione is just one character, and that it's not all she wants to be remembered for.
  6. It's a very strange feeling for me, as I've got such a huge crush on Emma (I'm sure a lot of people here do, and I'm not immature enough to get into a flame war about who's crush is bigger; all I know is that for me she's the most wonderful woman on this planet...), this makes me on one side extremely happy for her, (if this is her new man, and on the other side it kills me, heh. However, as much as I love Emma, I know that 1) I'm probably never going to meet her and 2) I probably wouldn't have a chance if I did, but then again, who knows what the future will bring! As to him: I don't think
  7. I've not posted enough to edit my above post, so this is an "edit". -And another thing, it's not the usual fanmail crap, saying "OMG EM I'M UR BIGGEST FAN I LUV U SO MUCH!!!!!!!", but something more private and confidential. That said, it does include the usual stuff too, heh!
  8. Yeah, I will try. Do you reckon she even reads them, or that they just get put straight in the bin after a paid "fan mail reader" reads them, takes the address, and puts a signed photo in an envelope? Because although getting a signed pic is great, I've heard (and it's probably true) that she doesn't sign them, but that they just put a pre-written signature on the picture and send it off. If this is the case, there isn't really any point writing to her is there... Thanks for the reply.
  9. Hey all! This is my first post on this forums, although I've been around a while. Basically, it's a long story, but I have a letter I want to send to Emma, whether via email or via snail-mail, it doesn't matter. I have found this email address: fans@emmawatson.com but it's not actually listed on her official website anymore, so I'm going to presume it's dead/not read anymore. (By her agents/publicist/site administrator). I would *prefer* to write an actual letter and send it, but finding an address is tricky, because most of the ones listed online are for Leavesden, who don't forward
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