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  1. Yeyy, I'm happy I'm finally meeting you guys from the forums! I've been a member since 2007 I guess... So, please, I haven't found in this topic the time and place we are gonna meet in July 7th... Can anyone tell me? Hugs
  2. Guys, who here is going to watch it in London and at which theatre?
  3. Yeyyy I love to talk about it too! But I don't have a specifif topic to start with...
  4. Yeah guys You all pretty much said everything. It's mostly the parents' fault, because when a child is very well educated by them, there's no media that can corrupt her mind... That does not mean that we should alow very young children to watch whatever they want to... well, everything in life is about balance, rigth?
  5. thank youuu!!! Adn yesterday was birthday of the most important woman in my life: MY MOM!!!
  6. one!! cause I have three aunts... I do have some second and third degree cousins but I guess it doesn't count, right?
  7. I like my eyebrows, when they are "done" (I don't know how to say that in english...)
  8. WOW, the've got blessed genes, these two!
  9. Thanks!!! That's helpful too! I've be looking for some hostels as well
  10. Thanks guys for these... hm... advices. Well Dax I'm at Emma Watson forums since 2008, but indeed I wasn't much of an assiduous poster here... as you can see in the new forums I've only posted a couple of times. And in the old one I've posted around 385... not much but... I do get what you are all saying. I woudn't go to anyone's house without having a video chat and stuff, and I think that the chances that serial killers would be part of this forum are minimum. So, the real reasons why I thought about it was because: 1. I would have a good talk with the person, let her know about me, and
  11. Guyssss I wanna go!!! But I don't have much money, so I would REALLY appreciate if someone had me in their house for some days!! I can pay for the expenses I will have. pleeeeeease! thanks
  12. hey guyssssssssssss!! I think I'm going to London in July, but I would like to stay at someone's house, so I would pay them what I use in their house. It's cheaper than a Hostel, right?? I'm going because I want to see THE LASt HARRY POTTER PREMIERE!!! pleaseeeeeeeee or even if you know someone who would have me... thankssss
  13. Guys, I do think there is a great possibility that she does visit here! Of course she woudn't say anything because that would create a general chaos! But the possibility that she would read specifically our message is small... I would just love to tell her that we would be great friends!
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