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  1. I must say. I love music in general and I am addicted to it. I have a whole collection of music CD's in my room. I have about 20 music CD's lol. And I am still buying music CD's from different types of stores such as Wal-Mart, Barnes and Nobles, etc. Although I never buy music CD's online for some reason (I always buy them at the store).

  2. False. I can say I am comfortable about my appearance. Even though I am a bit overweight from the medication that I'm taking. :)


    Likes to eat a healthy meal every other day?

  3. I guess you could add a few things to your graphic making abilities, you could start making gif's, different icons from different movies, and if you take photography in real life you could start adding those pictures on photoshop and transfer them in your showcase after that. And you can also make graphics about couples (for example: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna etc.) I hope this helps. :)

  4. Hello Hermione. Today I would like to make a request for you. Here are the requirements for my set: The signature should be no bigger than that of the applied forum rules. And the icon should be no bigger than that of the applied forum rules. You can do as you wish with my set. And if you would like, you can be creative too (it wouldn't hurt to be creative when making graphics). Anyways, here is the picture that you can use to make my set: http://api.ning.com/files/aWWEXxnoxguCUEl9nq6XuEfmGjPUXZkG2SNaU0yPZde5goUVoakxxUYM1NRUZkL9-XzchrDMOoQo9RmzFqIFPAPaXeHJ8-x7/bloodyrose.jpg . Good luck Hermione, and I will make sure to credit you for your wonderful and hard work in making my set. Have a nice day and/or evening. :)

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