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  1. Watching YouTube vidoes and after that going for a walk around town.
  2. Listening to music and checking out this forum.
  3. Checking out this forum for a bit and after that I might be thinking about doing some reading for college in my study room.
  4. Virgo


    Disturbed. I shouldn't have eaten the food at McDonald's that fast. Now my stomach hurts a little.
  5. Virgo

    Rate the food

    0. I don't know what that is, sorry. French fries?
  6. Watching the news on YouTube and thinking about going to sleep soon.
  7. I would go for a cat. Since I'm a cat person and I always loved cats for years, lol. And my other choice would be an owl, because you can send letters for long distances and other useful things.
  8. Watching YouTube videos and gaming.
  9. I think my favorite hp actor would be Albus Dumbledore, Snape Severus and Lord Voldemort. If you think about it, these guys know a whole lot of deal about magic and were very successful in their careers and what they did with their lives (well, except for Lord Voldemort of course). I will not be posting any pictures though, because I can't think of any "cool" pictures to post about them. So I rather go with my opinion and facts.
  10. I think I would go for Muggle-born. And I agree with you. Because muggle-borns have a deep understanding of magic and they appreciate it more than pure bloods do. Plus, they know a whole lot about muggles than the pure bloods do. So my final choice would be muggle-born.
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