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  1. What do you think of this Beatles Next Generation thing? I wish they would just make a new name rather than cash in on the success of their fathers
  2. I love Final Fantasy, I listen to Nobuo Uematsu regularly. I have trouble deciding if 7, 8 and 10 but I think 10 is probably my favourite, mainly for the environment.
  3. I love his knowledge of cinema trivia, and a passion we both share for b grade horror films from the 30s/40s/50s
  4. I would recommend anything by Diana Wynne Jones to all who like Harry Potter. Particularly Howl's Moving Castle and another called Dark Lord of Derkholm
  5. I knew that. Apparently a lot of the chapters each week were improvised which just comes to show how brilliant he was.
  6. My favourite work of Dickens, it's such a nice uplifting story. I liked Marley, particularly the scene he appeared in anyway, I was always freaked out when Scrooge hears the chains being dragged up the stairs.
  7. I like my big chunky sword that takes a day to swing, but really makes a mess when it finally does
  8. I like to jot down nonsense poems and short stories, kind of like Edward Lear or Lewis Carroll. I have a fondness for absurdism
  9. Skyrim is brilliant. I can wander about that world entranced for ages
  10. Yeah him and Rubin are pals, the rest of the world's translations use the English versions as their source, so it has to be done efficiently. I have read quite a few of his other works (and loved them generally), Norwegian Wood is really the only one that is completely realistic, the rest of his books have a bizarre surrealism where you wonder if the character is delusional or strange things really are happening. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is indeed a good read, but there are a lot of chapters which don't seem to have any significance or are just unexplained. I would say the standouts so far
  11. Ah, I adore Opera. Schubert and Mozart are my favourites <3
  12. ahh I love Norwegian Wood, Murakami is amazing. What's wrong with Jay Rubin's translation ?
  13. Classical is awesome, have been listening to a lot of Schubert and Purcell lately.
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