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  1. i found them! wow there is a lot

  2. he-who-must-not-be-named???? :o

  3. sounds like fun! where can i view the calendars?

  4. I apologize for my lack of Americanness :P its so hard to keep up with everything! ill check it out on my free time that way i can understand your GANGSTA words. you're so cute and silly!

  5. haha i just havent ever seen such a word! but i love it since its coming from you. so anyway SUP GIRL?

  6. you are so silly :P how are you doing anyhow? I haven't been on much

  7. lol i always post new ones anyways :P

  8. what an interesting word!

  9. i guess i deleted it !

  10. CUTIE PIEEEE i miss you! Everything is well. lately i work a lot.. I'm a waitress at a Japanese restaurant. How are things for ya?

  11. aww thanks sweetie <3

  12. THANKS; you're a sweetie!

  13. “She knew that even pain can be confessed, but to confess happiness is to stand naked, delivered to the witness...â€

  14. "Almighty and magnificent queen of gloom"

    I like this!

  15. help yourself to all the pickled yams my friend, we've plenty!

  16. why couldn't you... be a celery stick?

  17. that totally had me tear up! it means so much to me... your orangey awesomeness really does. but I'm not a huge fan of carrots in my soup and stuff :(

  18. haha oh you seemed very..very worried!

  19. and I'm sorry to have worried you but I am in no such trouble :P

  20. haha your comment(s) totally made my day!

  21. i finally feel better, but thanks!! how are ya doing?

  22. been dating but then he broke up with me :(

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