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  1. Millennium


    exhausted from work!
  2. ANIME!!!!!! Just got home from work and might put on a movie or somethin'.
  3. just watched Crazy Stupid Love; so awesome!
  4. thinking of a movie to watch!
  5. lol you are always having a burger cute nonetheless cuuuuuuuuuuuuute
  6. Millennium

    A R T

    thanks guys! i hope they pay me well lol
  7. Millennium

    A R T

    I sure will!! SOO i was fortunate enough to get to do a sharpie drawing (my biggest one yet) on a wall at a restaurant! This took a good 8 hours.. Enjoy!
  8. looove the polish color and you are so so so adorable!
  9. Millennium


    craving smoked salmon lol
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