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  1. It is... But it's so sad it wasn't nominated. It really is OSCAR material..
  2. Totally! Rupert is an awesome actor!
  3. That's not possible. Voldemort made the 6 horcruxes before he tried to kill Harry, and it said "captive bred in zoo" so that isn't possible, right? P.S: U can make a buncha these online.. so it can be fake.
  4. Right? I can't wait 2 see!!
  5. LOL i would smell chocolate, coffee and my new candle set... In HP, I'd use it on Neville or Harry.. Matt Lewis is pretty cute... I think Neville looks chubby bu cute in the 1st and 2nd book 2.
  6. OMG! Does she reply 2 ur emails? I've been trying 2 send her 1 4 ages!! but her 'email' is FAKE...
  7. I'd hug her and tell her a HUGE thanks for bringing me there. .. I'd refuse 2 leave even for a ransom What would you do if Emma asked you to model with her?
  8. I'm guessing mine would be a cat cuz I don't tell anybody anything.. and I just look down on other ppl, and because of something that happened to me in 6th grade, I don't trust ppl, either.
  9. i would never actually kill so many people. but if i did. I would chose: 1. My teddy Bear (which has a bunch of names from ppl i know, to pretend people) 2. a harry potter book 3. A locket my cousin gave to me. 4. my iPad (i can't survive without it) 5. My dog 6. CD album (Adele or LMFAO) 7. My ring.
  10. I rly dk. Maybe i would want 2 change harry potter. not 2 say dat Daniel Radcliffe's bad or anything.. but i would prefer a different character.I don't actually have any specific chrctr in mind...but. harry's hair should be messier.i think emma and rupert are perfect... but johny deep in it would be good.
  11. Fred and George. They are sooo much like me. And Hermione and Ron. The 2 of them fighting; that would make me laugh so much. And ron's rly funny.. and hermione is his opposite. but they get together.
  12. I would say the cloak. The cloak would mean being invisible and that's so cool. I would also want the stone. I mean, you can bring back the dead, people.
  13. For me it was when, Fred, Tonks and Lupin with their hands touching when they were dead, What about you guys?
  14. I felt sad when Dobby died, but Snape's memories were so moving.
  15. Pureblood. Growning up with magic is cool.
  16. Hermione. She is the most inspiring girl ever.
  17. Hermione Jean Granger is my idol.
  18. 1. I would pinch myself. 2. I would walk up and say 'hey'. 3. Build up a conversation with her.. Get her autograph 4. Tell her how much I love her, and her movies. 5. Before leaving, give her a hug, and make her promise to write me emails 6. Become close friends with her. 7. Faint (the second she leaves) i don't care. she's hermione 2 me. i luv her for it.
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