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  4. I didn't even read the premise - I just looked at the line-up and started laughing. That cast has real promise. Whether or not it's true, I'm excited to see it; but I'm especially excited if Emma's going to be in it.
  5. I would work to swallow my jealousy at my not being the father. Then I would accept. What would you do if Emma asked you to join her in a quest to give up a modern lifestyle and pursue that of the Amish?
  6. Oh! That's good to know..! Thank you for clearing that up. In the time I would spend thinking about it, I would find myself growing angry, and thinking about how I would have handled it if I were in the class with her. Good to know that I can avoid that, now!
  7. I don't know the answer to that but I do know that a handful of jerks (used in place of a less family-friendly word) at Brown made her college experience...rotten. I know that's fairly irrelevant but I've been thinking about it a lot, lately....I just thought I'd put my frustration out there.
  8. I would imagine that living in L.A. would also be problematic for her. People get star struck, big-time. Hollywood might treat her well 'cause people are used to seeing big stars. I don't know what Oxfordshire is like but I know that London is a huge, bustling city. It's possible that she wants quieter, wide-open spaces. We have plenty of those, in the US. They tend to be in supremely-hot regions or supremely-cold regions. But hey, what's life without new experiences?
  9. Mind if I ask where you're going to school? Back on topic: I agree. This is a defining role in Emma's quest to permanently avoid being typecast as a fantasy actress. That said, I'm not too sure how confident I am in her ability to pull it off. Don't get me wrong: I'm rooting for her, all the way. But I wasn't too pleased with her performance in Ballet Shoes. I just got "My Week with Marilyn" but I haven't yet watched it. Hopefully, she shows a bit more range, there...
  10. "Claustrophobic" is a strong word, and knowing Emma, she chose it carefully. There could be any number of reasons for this. Perhaps England is literally too small. It is geographically cramped. Maybe she's tired of being recognized and hassled all the time on the streets of her hometown/country. That's not to say things will necessarily be much better in the US. But she could try? It could simply be that she wants to see the world without the confines of a schedule. In short: I do think she's going to leave England and I don't expect her to (permanently) return any time soon, after leavi
  11. Wait... You want to know why she wants to move away from England?
  12. Haha, I know. I was just going out of my way to express disapproval of Kim Kardashian.
  13. Clearly "Ability to participate in a moderately-intelligent conversation" is not part of the criteria for "Desirable", considering Kim Kardashian is on this list. I think the list is - for the most part - garbage. Emma should be higher. If you ask me, ************ is deserving of the top spot (blanked out to avoid the spoiler). Incidentally, I love that Emma (our Emma) is dressed well and with a sense of decency, compared to most of the other women.
  14. In response to the thread title: I am writing code. I'm about to hit my 100,000th line, in a set of files started just 6 days ago. And who said research isn't any fun?!
  15. I've tried and tried to refactor what I want to say so I don't sound like a jerk but I repeatedly come up empty. So, please regard the following as a very friendly statement. The world is a big place. She can move away from England and still end up somewhere which is not Los Angeles or even the United States. That said, fingers crossed for Tucson, AZ, USA!
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