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  1. Just found a channel on youtube named emmawatson. Does it has anything to do with her? http://www.youtube.com/user/emmawatsonchannel?feature=g-all-bul
  2. I think its sad people i stalking her, i did just read about the football incident. I know its a part of being famous, but still Emma is not even trying to act like one, you dont see her i cars to 10 million and cloth to 10k well people is just born dumb. Back to topic But about the L.A thing i mention earlier, i have to things on my mind. The first one is L.A have hollywood, but on the otherside i dont know though, but one thing i dont think shes stays in Europe.
  3. I heard that to, but didnt she say that weren´t true? but i think she said that she wanted to study for a long time. But aint sure though
  4. Yeah your right! who knows what life brings you. Does anybody know how long time she has in college before shes finished? because i think that i saw her saying some about that shes far from done with college?
  5. See that was what i were looking for, but its sounds like she dont wanna live in L.A ?
  6. Well yea...but do you think she really want to?
  7. But hey maybe its just me thats is to stupid to get the point ahah
  8. Yeah i know what you mean but the thing is just that i didnt understand what her point was
  9. I know that Emma said in a interview, that she would never move to L.A because it scares her. But then she said " I felt suddenly very claustrophobic," she recalls. "I thought, 'I can't stay [in England]. I won't be able to concentrate. I won't be left alone.'" Im a little confused, is this a maybe or what?
  10. Thats so true, and i dont think its a problem, it was just that i were thinking that she has been/kissing alot ( many ) guys lately. But again like you said shes 22
  11. But the thing i meant, was that she has been saying that she doesnt have the luck in lovelife. If you can say it like that, and i just meant that she had ALOT of relationships in 2010-2012. And again its NOT to be rude.
  12. How long time does you guys think this relationship gonna hold? not to be rude anything but its not long ago she stopped dating johnny.
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