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  1. The fact is: the more she is "herself", without tons of Makeup or crazy Setting for the Shooting, the better she is. She is a natural Beauty and should do more of those Shootings, showing her real personality. Her smile on the pic in the pool kills me every time I see it. Alltime favourite from now on. This is the real Emma Watson, not the staged Person Luke is try to sell us. She should come back to her roots.....  Well done, Miss Watson!

  2. Unfortunatly I do not collect those things anymore; but it was a Report in a Supplement to the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", written by a guy who worked

    as an extra on set of Colonia. As a fan you maybe know when EW was Shooting in Bavaria, so you might find the article....

    I just remember two quotes:


    After Shooting Daniel Bruhl joined the Extras for a glas of beer. When they asked him how it is to work with "her", he rolled his eyes and said: "Another Topic, please".


    And the last sentence:


    "After Shooting Miss Watson was carried away from set in a convoy of 5 cars. Even the German President has only three cars, when on the road....."



    Nazi-themes are usually not very liked in Germany, so I do not think the movie will be successful. This has in the first place nothing to do with Emma, but with the Story. And yes, cbmac12, South America was the main retreat for German Nazis. Remember Mengele, Eichmann & Co.

  3. @Elena: sorry to correct you. This is not true. She used "page turner" first for the script of "My week with Marilyn". She said that she was tired on the Train from Paris to London but her Agent insisted that she should read the script. And it was a "page turner" and she could not put it down the whole ride.

    The second time she used "page turner" for the script of "Perks", when she told us that it was such a page-turner that she could not put it down and read it in one piece a whole night Long.

    I have no Quote for "this is the end", but if you say so, I trust you.

    So, she used page-turner 4 times for scripts she got.

    Beeing an Englisch Major I think she should be able to express herself in more different ways, otherwise it sounds "learned" and "scripted".

  4. Good luck! As far as I remember, the site was maintained by Warner Broth., after HP ended Emma hired a private person (the founder of this page) to work on the side, but the whole thing faded out (as you know). Given the fact that she is - besides at official engagements - not really interested in her fans, I am in doubt that a "official page" will ever reappear.

  5. honesty who believed in second in this rumored about emma dating prince harry ?



    Well, Emma and "rumors" are a very special thing. Unfortunatly she had contradicted herself so often in the past, that many people taking rumors serious, at least until the moment, she personally denies it.

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