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  1. Me, I'm looking forward to Emma's performance as someone who's generally unstable and clueless (and not in a comical way like Nicki). I'm not looking forward to the story itself, biographies of celebs and pseudo celebs are always probably ripe with embellishment.
  2. Where's the problem? Can't you accept that other people aren't fans? The one thing where you can agree or disagree is if Emma had proven by that point in time that she deserves all the press she gets (and boy, she does get press. Woman of the Year). Personally, I can totally understand if people question her status when they're not fans. Yeah, it was an opinion piece. Not very informative, but you have different styles of interviews. It's the other way round. Being here proves I'm a fan because it takes me real lifetime to write something Also I'm making it a point to watch every single
  3. Sarcasm is mostly a question of style I'd say. Patronizing, yes, maybe. Although he called himself a cranky old man in that article, so everything after that should be taken a grain of salt. Emma herself attributed most of her success to chance in that interview (if he quoted her correctly). It's a case of "see, I'm putting myself down all the time so please don't do it too, and maybe say something nice about me". He just didn't. That seems to prove his point that Emma is "looking for nurture". Arguably, that's not a particularly clever insight, as I think you can easily get this impression
  4. Well lol. But it's really something I wished she'd be doing so I'm looking forward to this. Perks, Bling Ring, Noah, they didn't really push her. This time we may see a really different Emma.
  5. Someone pens an interview that doesn't simply shower praise on Emma and people get their pants in a knot? O rite, internets. The troubling thing is that Emma herself feels she was unjustly portrayed in that article. I mean yeah, it's not nice to read in a papar about how you left someone thoroughly unimpressed when you met them in person, but hey, common people don't even get the chance to read something like that about themselves
  6. Hmm. I didn't know she was practically forced into tweeting. Interesting
  7. I don't see the point in her taking tussen exams right now. She has had way too little practice.
  8. You have the same 'problem' in German, and I remember being taken out of it when Harry used the casual "you" when talking to a tacher (not Hagrid). Didn't seem to fit at all the atmosphere of HP where teachers are mostly feared/ respected.
  9. Oh, there's a first part. Missed that. "The outfit is really important to me. It helped me to assume my role. I had to abandon all my styling rules. Nicki shows a lot of cleavage, wears short skirts and skin tight clothes. She likes anything hot and sexy." "And then there's another, lovable side to her. At home she acts like the perfect daughter, a proper and religious girl. She has two different faces to her."
  10. I would have translated Emma's part, but I guess that one is audible
  11. welp, the German voice overs are truly dreadful. From what I've heard the "Valley accent" sounds really blasé and just a little bratty, while the German voices sound hyper like they're screaming at each other over the noise of a rave or something.
  12. The dear professor, like all elderly nerds, was a huge HP fan and didn't want Emma to ever be anything but Hermione.
  13. I wonder this too. Did they mean she shouldn't act because it would conflict with her uni schedule or something more specific?
  14. I think that's the draw though. You can loosely keep track of what people are up to that you're not really into. The entertainment market is so saturated with all these mostly exchangeable stars and starlets that having them all on twitter where you can get the gist of what they're up to is simply comfortable. I agree with Dax that the next generation has grown up with services like tumblr and Facebook but I thought that movies like Perks and Bling Ring would cause a number of people to be more emotionally invested in Emma. In that regard (when you seriously want to discuss things) forums ar
  15. When I joined about a year ago, e-w.net was probably liveliest community (that was open for everyone - not talking about invite only groups) and certainly got more traffic than others.
  16. Last year, I expected that after the release of Perks and Bling Ring there would be a surge in forum activity, new members etc., but it seems Twitter is the go-to medium for people you're just modestly interested in.
  17. I think, just accounting for maturity as time passes, she's over the phase where she would only work with directors she has a personal fondness for.
  18. Not exactly what I imagined for Emma, but better than nothing I guess.
  19. drinking iced coffee, waiting for Shadowrun Returns to release.
  20. this thread is now about who knows more about women's shoes
  21. She said she only has 8 pairs, not that she doesn't spend money on shoes
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