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  1. Thanks everyone. (: This is probably a tad corny, but here is a wallpaper I made of my boyfriend and I, lol.
  2. Thank you everyone . Here is another I just made a little bit ago!
  3. Hello! My name is Lindsay and I've been making graphics for a long time. I haven't really made any in a few years, so I'm pretty rusty at the moment!
  4. Tonks

    Maud Graphics

    Your graphics are amazing!
  5. Tonks


    Thank you! What was your username back then?
  6. Tonks


    Thank you everyone!
  7. Tonks


    Hello! My name is Lindsay and I'm a former member here, from the older days(I first registered in 2003)! I doubt some of you probably remember me because it's been about three or four years since I've been on here. I think I went by Nymphadora Tonks and Paige. I basically stopped coming because I was trying to focus on graduating high school and also because I was in the middle of a big move. Anyways, I'm now 20 years old and is currently trying to get a degree in Nursing. I've been getting into making graphics again and I just happened to stumble upon this page, so I figured I would reg
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