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  1. Fellows shippers: how incredible we have news, especially Rupert.
  2. Oh, Jon, I have something but I need to collect images. It is about rings!
  3. I saw that! He´s awesome! Here:
  4. Or the name of Hermione's parents. I think she wanted to put an final end. War shippers, etc. You know All these people complaining about how Hermione/Harry did not happen it's just annoying.
  5. It´s funny! They look like they're always singing! LOL And It all started here, remember? It´s true! Sometimes she watches. "It's funny because sometimes I feel as if they had to do more acting. I been so long time with Hermione, I know it so well! And there's so much of it in me and vice versa that sometimes it seems that I'm not acting. I am very happy and proud with the character. She's great. It is an example of a model for children and young people." “The amazing thing about Rupert is that he’s a very self-contained human being. It’s very rare that you see him get emo
  6. OMG guyz she wore Ralph Lauren in last premire, this is the name your chickens, isn´t? How suspect! Both are white and both are in London.
  7. This sounds like Djavú. Well It's not new but Rupert is like absurd.
  8. Haha that´s funny I lost everything I had in my files. If anyone knows how to recover corrupt files.
  9. I just saw this... http://womanitely.com/obvious-signs-a-guy-is-flirting-with-you/ My feelings Grintson.
  10. I´m saying, the legacy. You have nothing beyond the wish of the media. She keeps picking Ron over Harry and you will never accept that she has a bit of Rupert in your mind. Cuz there will always be a bit of Ron in Rupert, as he himself has said. I noticed that this things messes with you. So I decided to change the game. Grintson is the Inconvenient Truth. No matter what you will continue hating, but here? Worse for you.
  11. Wait, she really think that Emma would be spying on? C´mon... The true is: There´s nothing for them, and an eternity for us. Grintson works. Deal with it.
  12. cbmac12 and trixie: You know what? I think she was bothered. You know? The ship D/Ead. Don´t worry about sexual tension still ongoing.
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