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  1. well you guys can see the whole music video already http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFbyh0wzTS0 i have to say that i havent been able to get the song out of my head lol
  2. 2 of the girls were born in america so language won't be a problem with them what worries me more than just the music is there are 9 girls in the group and its been a long time since there's been a successful girl group (besides pussy cat dolls that was practically nicole and her backup dancers) but a lot of people say what caused the other kpop artist to fail in america was promotion, so im hoping because girls generation is in a good lable that they would have more chance... ahh idkidk, i'll have to wait and see i guess heh
  3. currently watching grey's anatomy, vampire diaries, americas next top model, big bang theory. just started 2 broke girls and new girl (they just premiered season1) and they're really good shows tbh
  4. cat cat cat cat yes cat okay i love cats and i mean they could be with you in your dorm at any time and they wouldnt leave for long time when delivering letters and such and just keep you company ;A; idk
  5. natural medium brown... i've had a lot of brunette shades, light, redish, but always lighter than my natural but i just dyed it (couple days ago) to a darker brown than my natural just for a change, and i really like it :3
  6. hi lol, for those of you that don't know already, i've recently became a kpop fan but im not making this thread to talk about how much i like it... i really just want to know your opinion. So, recently one of (if not) the biggest girl group in Korea revealed that they would debut in the U.S and some other countries in america... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhj43ceNtxY they obviously have a different appeal and concept than the usual american music but they're not the first korean aritst to debut in the US others like BoA, Wonder Girls and have, but they havent been as successful
  7. tonights episode O M G so much going on a shock since the first 5 minutes so much omg i swear this was season finale material but its only the 5th episode whats gonna happen now omfg
  8. Strawberry


    omg so jealous even though lately i havent been so informed with them i have heard monster and they're still my favorite nonkpop band
  9. one of my friends bought me a penguin hehe
  10. "Due to overwhelming demand, you cannot access Pottermore right now" wow is it still like this oh, its weird, lol, i finished the first book without issues, except potions are still glitched and i hope they would open duels theres really not much to do after you're done reading like... theres the potions, and if you manage to do it you have to way like 2-3 hours to brew and meanwhile..... what to do... lmao hopefully they will change the brewing time cause its just ridiculous.... in my opinion my username is QuaffleWombat67 or 57? xD
  11. how do you only have 10-20 posts a day, im so adicted i started my blog on march and already have 38,493 posts xD i'm following you (even though idk if you're that active lol) the link to mine is under my sig, but you guys really shouldn't follow me lol i really mostly (only) post kpop so i dont think you guys like it....
  12. i learnt from this tutorial, she also has a lot of other useful tutorials/tips for gif making and you can easily use keepvid.com for downloading videos (i think it only works for youtube videos though)
  13. i cut them with quick time player although if the video isn't very long you can just select the part you want to gif on photoshop if you go File > Import > Video frames to layers when the window appears and click the "just selected range" (or something like it) then play the video, pause it where the part you want starts press shift, play the video (dont stop pressing shift), and stop when the part you want is done... thats how i do it... seems faster/easier than cutting the video before tbh
  14. i would rather be pure blood you can live with magic since you're little and everything would be magical but that doesnt mean i'd have a problem with the other two heh
  15. 7 books in spanish 4 books in english (not sure if they're the american version tbh) 4 stuffed dolls 1 toy doll ... harry magical powers or something lmao 3 board games deathly hallows necklace couple of posters and i think thats all ;w; well theres the collectible album with stickers does that count lol oh... all the dvds (except dh) and the collector edition 1 & 2, and blu ray 3 & 4 yep
  16. hehehe i got sorted in slytherin!!! it's really frustrating cause in spanish slytherin is mispelled as slitheryn and the comments all say "yay for slitheryn" i guess they don't even know how their house is spelled............ also the comments... i made a comment and they added it like 2 days later lol and potions are gliched i think? the timer goes off before you finish heating... aah idk but i love it all the new information and stuff ;w; cant wait for duels
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