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  1. my time zone is the best time zone evuuuur
  2. why is this active when im not here D<
  3. what color is your hair? are you a girl? how long have you been teaching at howgwarts? professor flitwick?
  4. i just hit my foor really hard e.e
  5. do you have spouse/kids? did/do you attend hogwarts? did/do you play quidditch?
  6. i was thinking it was her thats why i asked if you were a squib x3
  7. are you a wizard or Squib or muggle? Do you know harry personaly? do you have a husband/kids?
  8. when i was little they wouldnt let us write with left hand or we would get in trouble with the teacher
  9. trying to answer the question as if it was Malfoy himself x3 but trying to not give away much it was fun :3
  10. i wish i could see her live!!! is so in love with her latest album ;c
  11. not as old as i thought he'd be... haha and aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh we have to wait a month til new episode! :sob: :sob:
  12. im in love with this game cant wait til next round, i already pm'ed Jon :3
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