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  1. OMG sorry for double post but this made me LOL!
  2. @kim: yay a pony! @richard: shut up you're older than me :@ @ellen: thnx! caroline<33 @everyone else: thank you guys, ily<3
  3. Don't you love the marketing managers that started this? pure geniuses<3 how can they create this whole idea and 'force' people to buy and buy and consume they're my heroes
  4. i cant get on the chat, stupid slow connection
  5. Oh Jon you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Jon, hey hey, hey Jon, hey hey ♫ lol if u lived here u'd know what im talkin about lol ;p
  6. :@ i dont like watching the news! makes me get paranoid about going out lol
  7. i'm such a loser, i have no idea whats goin on >.>
  8. difh denisse is fat huh lol yeah idk xD
  9. Strawberry

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    Long time ago there was a cow named Moo. She was very ill and she cant walk but she had a blue car that she designed to move across the corn field, but it was a death trap! Moo had three cattle that unfortunately caught on fire and Moo had to pour her milk before the cockroach ate her alive.
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