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  1. It was a good long-ass movie.
  2. I almost fell asleep watching Les Miserables. Def fell asleep watching The Expendables 2
  3. She really shined in this movie! I laugh at people that said she was going to fade away after Harry Potter was over
  4. Tank top that says '23' and 'Team Foxy' Boyfriend's shorts Ankle socks ^^ My Pajamas
  5. "Good night sweetie. You'll be in my dreams. Can't wait to see you tomorrow. I love you heaps xoxoxo"
  6. Paige


    Isabella Jason
  7. True (only at home tho!!) You like summer better than winter.
  8. Paige

    In my pants

    Come Back...Be Here in my pants.
  9. Paige

    Songs A-Z

    I knew you were trouble - Taylor Swift
  10. Very little. I'm such a newb!
  11. I'm so nervous I won't get into my course :/
  12. Paige

    Movies A-Z

    Quantum Of Solace
  13. Paige

    Hello :)

    You're sweet Thank you for the warm welcome! Wow, Romania sounds a lot more interesting to where I live
  14. I'm glad Kristen is starting to break away from Bella a bit! I really liked the movie and I hope there's going to be a sequel!
  15. My boyfriend texting me just to say his thinking of me.
  16. She looks beautiful! I love her make-up and her dress is looks fun and flirty.
  17. I love Snape! His dark, mysterious and knows how to step up in tough situations. Sure, his not good looking in the conventional way, but his personality makes him sexy as!
  18. They compliment each other perfectly. Opposites always do make the best of friends!
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