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  1. They have amazing chemistry together as Harry and Hermione. Even though canon is Ron/Hermione. I can see how people might get the wrong idea when watching the movies.
  2. Paige

    Lady Gaga

    Little Monster 4 ever
  3. I can't wait until she releases her new album sometime this year! I prefer her acting over her singing, but she def has some catchy songs
  4. Paige


    I love her new album Red! Although I do prefer her other album Speak Now just a bit more. My fav songs are 'Red' 'All Too Well' and 'Begin Again'
  5. No lol. I think the last CD I brought was when I was ten and that was Mandy Moore.
  6. Love the Twilight books and movies. My queen Kristen
  7. She's so smart! She is such a good role model and doesn't rely on just her looks to get by.
  8. I admire her for choosing to do something different, but I wouldn't cut my hair. I feel like my shoulder length hair is too short for me lol
  9. Paige

    Hello :)

    Hey, I'm new here! My name is Paige and I'm a 22 year old girl from Australia. I've been a fan of Emma ever since I saw her back in the first Harry Potter movie and I'm excited to see what other amazing things she'll do in the future. I can't wait to start talking to you guys! xoxo
  10. Tumblr Twilight&Cast Yogurt Emma Coffee
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