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  1. I love watching Killing Eve, Floor is Lava and Star Trek Discovery.
  2. I have a bamboo toothbrush that's tan colour.
  3. The Blue Flower by Penelope Fitzgerald
  4. Talking to a friend on google hangouts.
  5. Problem by Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea.
  6. Funny quotes on facebook and blogs.
  7. Cool tattoo. It looks really good. I like the tiny little windows.
  8. -woke up -read my books -read some blogs, checked emails and facebook -looked for jobs on the internet -went shopping -bought water, recipe book, four children's books, gift bag and four birthday cards -had dinner -reading blogs and on this forum.
  9. Barbecue chicken, rice and stuffing.
  10. I'm writing a reflection about work, looking for a job and browsing the forum.
  11. Kiernan Shipka reminds me of when Emma was a child. I agree with Jon about her eyebrows and jar line being similar to Emma. I have heard of Kiernan until now so I don't know how far the similarities go.
  12. Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
  13. I have watched A Walk to Remember, The Last Song and The Nights of Rodanthe. I have read The Notebook before and I liked the book version of Ally and Noah better.
  14. My goals for next year are to be a bit more daring with my fashion choices and wear things that I wouldn't normally wear. I want to be open to new colours and styles but not anything too crazy. I also want to finish my book list, especially the book series that I started years ago.
  15. I'm watching tv and browsing through the internet.
  16. Carlyn

    Glee covers

    I've always liked the Glee cover of Somebody that I use to know by Gotye. http://youtu.be/5aDWReBe7Ms
  17. Yes I listen to music when I do my homework. It is distracting though as I usually spend more time picking what I want to listen next.
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