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  1. "The last balloon is leaving" ---- XTC

  2. From now on whoever visits my profile and don't leave a comment, will be severly punished! mmhm!

  3. Everyone feel free to add me to my MSN! ;)

    1. Carlyn


      okay I'll do that.

  4. Starting Uni... AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

  5. Oh lonely lonliness.... how I've longed to be alone with you! And yet you make me so sad! :'( How can this be? =0 ALAS! The bittersweet irony of life, that sometimes the things we most treasure and look forward to can also bring our greatest sufferings and pain. :'(

  6. made the most amazing banana nut muffins <3

  7. FINALLY managed to chane my profile photo :)))))

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