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  1. The malware warnings are either nonsense or from ads: the site itself has been around for years with no issues. As far as "clean" is concerned, depends what you mean, really.
  2. Anyone see Emma on the Ellen show on 16th? I just watched the little segment and several thoughts came to mind... First off, chat shows are REALLY rushed these days. Bear in mind I haven't watched any TV for over ten years but I really got the impression it was "blahblahblah, quick get the questions in, don't stop, blahblah, quick, quick, let's move on". Most unpleasant. Mostly, though, Emma came across as really lovely and normal. She's funny, self-aware (and willing to poke fun at herself), modest, gorgeous (of course) and appreciative of the luck she's had in her career. It was really i
  3. One of the things that always annoyed me about the HP series - books and films - is that they have a plethora of underused and/or underdeveloped characters. This is, of course, because they're not "epic" in the proper sense of the word: they're "what Harry did today". (That's not a criticism, it's a statement of focus.) Films: For me, Mr. Weasley is terribly, terribly ignored. They made an absolutely perfect choice of actor but really didn't give him a chance to do more than a bit of humour and background work. There's so much more to him and he could have shone. In a way, that's probably wh
  4. Honestly? I don't think there's anything I couldn't live without (barring the obvious things like water, food, vital organs and so on). There are things I'd really, really miss but... no, nothing is absolutely essential. Nothing at all.
  5. Like most online things, I suspect there would be a HUGE amount of luck involved. "Exclusive" pics get grabbed and reposted within hours (minutes?) of going up, so the site posting them would need some serious welly to hit all the PR outlets and grab traffic straight off the bat. Think of it this way: if E-W posted them and Huff Post grabbed them and reposted them (credited with a link, we'll assume), how many people will go to E-W? Of the millions of hits the pics would generate, I suspect the Huff Post would get the lion's share, simply because most people would already go there for news (
  6. My name's Spike and I'm from the UK. I'm one of those people who HATED Harry Potter with a vengeance because it was so popular - until a friend in Australia convinced me that I really should read the books before I whined about them. So I did. And I watched the films. And, well, you know... opinion change and all that! I ran an Emma news aggregator for a while because she is - to me, at least - a great example of proper English actresses: she's fun, silly and girly but elegant, classy and SO far above the usual "look at me, aren't I special" crap that most wannabe celebs spew on a daily bas
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