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  1. Oh but if emma had a choice who do you think she would support? Just a guess.
  2. What are her favorite artists now and what does she like to dance too? Does she like any R&B or Hip Hop music artists? Idk she had never mentioned any. What are her favorite actors too?
  3. Can somone tell me why emma cursed on the Jonny Ross show? She is normally a very well mannered respectful young lady am I wrong? Emma has never cursed on a interview talk show ever...it's not a big deal I was just wondering why she did it. Is she stressed out? Has she been not having very good days lately? What was it you thought?
  4. Emma doesn't quite have the curvy body she had before a couple of years ago...what happened? Am I the only one that noticed that she is much slimmer now? http://watsonportal.net/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=17887&fullsize=1
  5. Really she follows Michelle Obama on twitter? But I did she her say Barack is her hero in some video. But you think she could vote if she is living in America I mean she could correct? You don't see her liking Romney really?
  6. Did you notice emma cursed on Johnathan Ross show? That's very rare and it isn't a big deal just very rare like I was saying. She said f@@@@@@ up idk if anyone heard it.
  7. I know she cannot vote because she is no American but if she had a choice if she was an American citizen who do you think she'd support? Romney or Obama? Daniel Radcliffe Emma's friend I see has endorsed Barack Obama this year so just curious. I read somewhere also that emma has referred Barack Obama as her hero? Correct me if I'm wrong.
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