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  1. Hello I just wanna know if this pic I found is real or fake? I don't remember Emma wearing an hijab before... If real, can anyone please tell me where this photo was taken? .. if not, my god, it's a great work whoever did this Thanks
  2. The best and honest answer we could give you, Jonny, is that Emma herself decided that way. What else we could say? She has her personal reasons for acting in movies like "This is the End", and we should respect them even if we can´t understand them now Probably one of her reasons is that she wants to start from "scratch" (if you allow me to use that word) as most do. Maybe she wish to earn a place in the industry only through her pure hard work and talent (the place we, her fans, know she deserves but still has to prove to the rest of the world) and the only way to do it is by starting wi
  3. This time I´m quite agree with you... Somehow I really miss the former Emma too -without make up, not so sophisticated, wearing normal cloth, etc-... I mean...just Emma, the lovely & casual girl.. not the model nor the business woman... Of course, we love you Emma, and this is not a complain about your inevitable change.. it´s just a moment of nostalgia. Honoring those days, Jonny:
  4. I just posted a new Emma´s pic and I´m listening some good electronic music
  5. Once upon a time when I was good at guessing the age of girls... but now I just don't get it right!... no matter how hard I try... lol Well, she's 23 and that's all that matters to me Sometimes time flies so fast...
  6. Posting a new Emma's pic & thinking about the future....
  7. Hello Permission to collaborate, first time here Love this one
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