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  1. I know a lot of celebrities like to flaunt their celeb beach bodies when it gets warmer outside. They love to show off their curves,upper body and lower body. But I've just realized emma is not in this category. We don't see her in magazines like other celebs walking around in Bikinis. Is emma afraid to show off her bikini body? Or is she afraid that the media will start saying he's too thin ad stuff like that? That's what I'm thinking maybe emma doesn't want to be a part of the media trying to slam celebrities And their weight? I've never seen Taylor Swift,Camilla Belle,Joanna Levesque aka Jo
  2. ya but what I mean though it has been awhile since we've last seen an African American late night host on national US TV. I know Wayne Brady had a show IDk where he is now.
  3. Yeah but ever since she was done with Harry potter...I know none of you have noticed Emma is not really been the nice sweet girl we've seen when she was soon Harry potter films. She seems like tired and sick of the interviewers. She rarely laughs anymore too I've noticed when she is on the late night shows. I think Jay Leno should be given another chance somewhere else on another channel when he leaves next year. Arsenio Hall is going to make a great talk show host! No that it matters but Arsenio I think will be the first late night African American talk show host in a long while. Montell was
  4. Yeah emma looked really nice in the 2011 MTV movie awards! Look at those legs!!??? Why can't she look like this again? I'm not telling her what to look like but emma has said and this is very true. I don't want to be super skinny I love food to much..did she not say that?
  5. I see emma is kind of picky choosing which late night talk shows she wants to be on. I see that she's been on David Letterman,Jimmy Fallon,Ellen,Jonathan Ross show,etc But it's been a long while since she's been interviewed by Jay Leno, Conan O'brien, and she's never been on Jimmy Kimmel before. What is it? Does emma not like those talk show hosts? Oh by the way IMO I think Jay Leno is a much better late night talk show host than Jimmy Fallon. Fallon is just average he's not funny in my opinion and he's very random. I think Fallon will ruin the new tonight show when he replaces Jay Leno. Very
  6. Well no I'm not trying to be rude towards Emma it's just that Emma is alarmingly thin and every time we see her she keeps getting skinnier. I'm not sure what it could be from. Emma is at least 97 lbs. she just said in an article that her weight fluctuates from a size 6 to a size 10 so that's very thin correct?
  7. I live in the U.S and I know they measure weight in size over in the UK and I was just wondering how much a person would weigh if their weight fluctuated between a size 6 and a size 10 being 5'5 inches tall like Emma? What would that be in stone or kilograms or weight here in the U.S not UK?
  8. Yeah but also why did emma leave early? Ok she got the award but what was the reason for her departing early? She stayed before once after she presented a sneak preview of Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2.
  9. Oh I just thought that emma doesn't like the red carpet questions that are asked that's why she didnt come.
  10. But if emma would wouldn't she have to put on some muscle to play Wonder Woman you think?
  11. Do you think emma would want to be a superhero or supervillain girl in a marvel or DC comics movie? Emma said she won't be doing any major blockbuster films anymore....I don't know if this was a rumor or she actually did say that. I mean why wouldn't she want to be wonder woman for instance if she were offered the role?
  12. I didn't see Emma being interviewed on the red carpet last night..what's up with that? I saw a whole bunch of celebs on the red carpet. Why wasn't Emma their? Why do celebs don't want to be on the red carpet and not want to answer questions?
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