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  1. Hope the operation goes alright for you pal. I'll indeed be working right up until Christmas eve!
  2. "You're fraternising with the enemy", "No, I didn't enter!". Just brilliant! This one I always find funny: http://www.youtube.com/verify_age?next_url=http%3A//www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3D-N8x0Fb3Rxg You need to sign in to YouTube to watch it though.
  3. Food: when it's this cold, got to be roast beef and yorkshire puddings. Drink: Any good quality beer.
  4. It's not the premier league per se, but Leeds are playing Arsenal away in the FA cup. Hopefully we can pull off another performance like last years at old trafford.
  5. I love Ben Shepherd as well, he's got to be one of the nicest men on tv.
  6. I, like everyone it seems, was taking in when seeing PoA. In the first 2 films I just thought the whole thing was amazing, I didn't really pay attention to any actor in particular as I was only about 10 back then, but I just loved it all. I did love the scenes with Emma in though, especially the "leviosah, not leviosarr" bit. The first time I remember taking quite an interest in the trio was when watching Newsround (BBC children's news) in about 2001/2002, just as they were filming CoS. They did a feature on how the trio were going through puberty and how they were changing quickly, and how th
  7. What about Damian Lewis? I thought his American accent was superb in Band of Brothers...
  8. Just had a fresh blanket of snow.
  9. Yeh I'd agree, it's definitely from the front of the mouth. One place where this thread should go is Americans should post voice clips of their 'British' accents, and vice versa. Anyone not from the US/UK could try both. I'm not going first though...
  10. It's -4 outside and there is snow everywhere. The inner child within me likes this.
  11. Well, I'm gonna be in LA at the time of the wedding. Hope they show it on tv there.
  12. There is a quote from Emma that sometimes pops up on the homepage where Emma makes a good observation. When Americans say "Watson", you seem to make it sound like "Waaaaatson". That's the one of the big differences I reckon.
  13. I was considering doing that, maybe go on Christmas eve or something, then the Godric's Hollow scene will make me feel nice and festive.
  14. http://www.facebook.com/emmawatson/posts/147773798604238 She says here she's just got back to Brown and is catching up on work. I assume she'll be up to her neck so she'll probably just be getting on with stuff she missed. Although no doubt she'll be involved in some sort of student Thanksgiving dinner. edit: you beat me to it dazza! we both said pretty much the same things as well!
  15. Just a question:- how important do Americans considering Thanksgiving relative to Christmas? Oh and Happy Thanksgiving!
  16. After a 2nd viewing, I love picking up on the little stuff you miss the first time round. Why George has a toothbrush in his ear i'll never know. I also loved the scene outside Umbridge's office in the ministry, where Harry let off those little walking things with horns on. They were so good! edit: just remembered they're called decoy detonators!
  17. Xbox. I think on the whole the PS3 is the better console, but it's more expensive, and the Xbox offers better value for money. Also, I just prefer the Xbox control a lot more, the PS3 on seems a lot less ergonomic.
  18. I just don't like songs with screaming in them. Just doesn't sound right I reckon. Other than that it's just the usual Justin Bieber etc.
  19. They were definitely a breath of fresh air when they released their album earlier this year. I like how chilled out they are. Where does Emma say she likes them?
  20. yorkshire


    I love tennis. Haven't played much this year due to exams but i'll start again next year. I've been to Wimbledon as well, which was pretty fun. (Emma has also been to Wimbledon )
  21. I loved that quiz thing. Although even I didn't know that crepes referred to shoes, I instantly though pancakes as well!
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