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  1. Anybody been watching the latest series? Last Sunday's was brilliant, Jeremy destroying a house with a minesweeper just had me in stitches!
  2. Yep, I agree. It's heavily implied in the Goblet of Fire that Hermione was becoming quite attractive, such was her attention from Viktor Krum, and GoF came out in 2000, before Emma had been cast. Emma certainly fit the bill for appearance when she was cast, but it turns out she blossomed into what she is. Though I do wonder sometimes if Emma had slight influence on the way J.K wrote Hermione in the last 2 books?
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but after just having a quick browse of Emma's wikipedia page it says she was reluctant to sign on in 2007 for the last films, so she would have missed HBP and both DH films. If that's true then I feel that it would have been too late for her to leave and for someone else to step in. It just wouldn't feel right.
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14262237 I never really was a fan of her music, but I appreciated that she was talented and this is an awful loss.
  5. Norway is a great country and from the few Norwegians I have met I have nothing but praise. This could not have happened to a nicer country. Norway is a major ally of the UK and has our full support. With regards to what's happening in this thread, my troll detectors are tingling.
  6. Oh come on. Innocent people have just been murdered. This is horrific.
  7. I just read about this in the news, absolutely shocking.
  8. I got it yesterday...it's pretty nice so far! Hard to get used to the reverse scrolling though, but I'll persevere. The new wallpapers are just stunning.
  9. Hello! Nitwit. Blubber. Oddment. Tweak.
  10. I used to get these a lot, the trick is to lead them on. You have to wind them up more and more and pretend that you're falling for it, essentially wasting their time as much as possible. Some good examples of what people do to wind these scammers up: http://www.419eater.com/
  11. It's 7.15pm on ITV1 I think next Saturday. I've seen literally every one of these "Behind the Magic" things that Ben Shepherd does, kind of sad that it's the last one.
  12. Yeh, I just felt like telling everyone what it was actually like for most people who tried to get to the premiere. Hopefully the NY won't be nearly as bad.
  13. If you're doing the whole backpacking thing, I'd actually go it alone. It's more fulfilling and you'll meet some incredible people! I did it with 2 others earlier this year, and got annoyed with one in particular. When I go again in a few years time I'm definitely going alone!
  14. I was there (sort of). With 4 glaring emissions. I didn't get to see Dan, Rupert, Emma or Jo. Let me explain. Ok so I arrived at Trafalgar square at about 9am on the 7th with a couple of mates, after getting a night bus down to London in which I got no sleep at all. We went and asked the stewards if there were any wristbands left, they basically laughed at us and said we had to be there 2 days before. But some other stewards said there would still be places to stand even if you didn't have a wristband where you could meet the stars. Fair game we thought, and went for a drink in Wetherspoons.
  15. _ a _ _ _ _ / _ a _ , _ i e _ _ a _ P
  16. I kind of have this idea one day of crossing Eurasia by hitchhiking. Mad, I know, but it'd be incredible. Probably from Paris to Singapore, and I'd love to go through Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. How many people do you know who've visited there while travelling? It would be such an experience. As for my favourite place I've been, probably Vietnam. It's a great country with so much history, culture and great cuisine etc, and the Vietnamese are doing well despite being crippled by war. The only bad thing is the stupid communist government they have there, yet the people don't realis
  17. It's a famous castle in Germany! Anyway, _ a _ _ _ _ / _ a _ , _ _ _ _ _ a _ P
  18. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ , _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  19. What's the email address for that? I might drop them an email. To be honest if I get there and they don't let me in without a wristband I'll probably end up kicking off, they'll be a few in the same boat I imagine. Then again I read that at the last premieres you could arrive in the morning and they'll still be plenty of space left. What I don't want to see is people picking up wristbands on the 6th then going home or whatever and just strolling into Trafalgar square at 5pm on the 7th right to the front row with a load of other people missing out.
  20. I feel bad for anyone who has arranged to come on the 7th if they've come from different countries. Many people will be coming from all over the world I imagine, and many will be disappointed. I'm hoping that there's plenty of space anyway. There should be, as Trafalgar square is massive.
  21. What a bummer, and I've already booked tickets there to arrive on the 7th. I've got no choice but to turn up anyway. Who knows, there may still be wristbands available on the 7th.
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