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  1. I mean, fair enough, it's Wembley, but still. That is just ridiculous. Then again I wonder what prices have been charged in previous CL finals?
  2. I don't understand this 'shipper' malarkey. They're just actors in a film, we shouldn't assume or hope that they'll be a couple.
  3. Just out of interest, what stats does facebook give you when you own a facebook page?
  4. I'm gonna be in LA for the time of the wedding. Am I going to watch it? No, I'm gonna go to Disneyland instead hah.
  5. Well that's 350 million worldwide, I think there's usually a regular audience of about 8 million in the UK each Sunday. I do reckon they get the largest proportion of the license fee, plus obviously whatever revenue they get from other channels like BBC america, so they'll have no shortage of money. Also I just looked into it a bit and it turns out that 350 million figure includes people who torrent it, so how many actually watch it legitimately we'll probably never know.
  6. I agree, this is one of the best things to ever grace our tv screens. It has a great mix of action as well as emotion. All the characters were played brilliantly, and I thought Richard Winters was brilliant. I heard a quote from him a while back, it was about him talking to his grandson and it went something like "grandpa, we're you a hero in the war" and he replied "no, but I served in a company of heroes". He is a true legend! I also think the concentration camp scene was done very well, that's the only time I've ever seen it dramatised and it truly shocked me, as it should have done.
  7. Well, I think opinion varies widely on the Royals. They definitely are part of our national identity, I mean the Queen is on every banknote and coin, as well as stamps. But they do seem to exist in the background for the most part. I'd say many Brits consider them as something that is 'just there'. Occasionally we have Royal visits around the country that spark interest in whichever area the Royal goes to, for example Prince Charles visited a village near me around the time of the golden jubilee in 2002. All local schools shut down for the afternoon, and a few businesses too. People lined th
  8. I don't know, I think a scum Man U defeat is a victory for the rest of football...
  9. I want to visit Albania now after seeing that! And yes James unfortunately drove off a cliff. Aah well.
  10. Yep, this is the biggie. We do not need another backward government in the 21st century.
  11. Haha, I like the trollface one.
  12. I think we all have a little soft spot for Emma and thus are getting defensive. Anyone else and I wouldn't really care too much. But it's Emma, and no one would say bad things about her if I had my way. Also, which person watched this portion of the interview and thought it looked like she was saying "anal sex, perfect"? Someone with too much time on their hands clearly...
  13. yorkshire


    That certainly is something special I'd love to see a 'making of' video or something, perhaps a close up of his body paint. It's a great idea what he's come up with.
  14. Yep, it's clear that Mark has worked very hard to get where he is, and I have a lot of respect for him. It's kind of like the Winklevosses invented the wing, and Mark invented commercial aviation. He seems to have worked relentlessly for the past few years, adding huge new features and keeping facebook from having any downtime. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrwaJ--WsQA I also thought Jesse Eisenberg had a tremendous performance, I only saw him in Zombieland before but I think he's proved his worth in The Social Network. He'll definitely have some huge projects coming his way I imagine.
  15. I thought it was a brilliant film. Although as Mark Zuckerberg didn't consent to the film being made, I wonder how much of what is shown is fact, and what has been added for dramatic effect. But after watching I decided I actually like MZ, even if he did 'steal' the initial idea. It's clear he's worked hard for facebook to become what it has become, and if those 2 Winklevoss twins owned facebook, I would be hesitant to use it as they just seem like complete tossers.
  16. yorkshire


    More disappointment for Andy Murray at the weekend in the Australian Open final. I wish he'd smile more when he plays, it seems when he's losing he gets into a mood with himself, and gets even more frustrated, so he has little chance of turning matches around when he's down. He needs more optimism! And he needs to realise the match is only over when it's actually over, until then there is always a way back in.
  17. I see what you did there... But I'm the same. Big house in the country, but not too far from civilisation, maybe just 20 miles or so.
  18. I like it, very serene. There's a lot of this videos on youtube with cheesey background music, but this was much more fitting.
  19. I too am on a gap year! Glad to see you're enjoying england, and it is strange how you know someone who knew Emma. Just out of interest, what are you doing at the primary school? And how long are you over here for? I started my gap year last September and have been working in a supermarket ever since, but come March 1st I'm going on a round the world trip! Cannot wait!
  20. Anyone catch the new episode? The new Stig has proven his worth already, smashing previous lap times. He (she? it?) seems to be showing up the old Stig quite remarkably.
  21. I'm not quite sure what you mean by music video. This is one of the iTunes visualizers. You can turn it on/off by clicking view, show visualizer, or pressing cmd-T. When music is played, the visualizer creates graphics that are timed to the beat. It looks pretty good.
  22. That 'guy' is David Heyman, producer of all the HP films. I reckon she only looks annoyed as she is being shuttled around without really being told what's going on.
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