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  1. Hehehe. Im not going to argue with you on this one.
  2. I have to agree. That look in her eyes! Emma really sells it here.
  3. Been so obsessed with Romione lately. Like crazy. lol Watching vids and interviews and tons of fic. These two are my favorite thing about HP. They're just so perfect together.
  4. I agree, she is really like Hermoine in that way. Perfect casting. And yes, that's what stood out in this interview, though to be fair, I haven't read that many yet. I'm sure she gets asked the same questions over and over again, so this must have been refreshing for her. It was more like a conversation, as she mentioned, than an actual question/answer interview. I enjoyed it immensely.
  5. Yes, this. I happened to love her pixie cut. I dont think she lost any of her beauty at all. She's always very lovely.
  6. Wow, this was a great read. I've just recently become a pretty big fan of Emma's (which, I know sounds ridiculous since she's been around for so long), and I'm just gettting to kind of know her personality. Well as much as one can without actually knowing her. But I'm constantly blown away by how smart and articulate she is. She is a deep thinker. I just love that about her. Great interview! The most insightful one I've read so far. Thanks for posting it!
  7. Found it. Off to read it. Thanks And yeah, I could listen to her speak all day.
  8. Ok, so I got to watch it at home last night and gah, she's so charming and articulate. <3 Where is it? I guess I should go search it out. Thanks!
  9. I wouldn't feel right going anywhere near where Emma lived. But I guess we're not talking about me.
  10. Great review. Unfortuanetly, I was left feeling exactly the same way. The characters had no depth, and ultimately, I was kinda meh about them all. Though I thought Emma was fabulous with the little that she was given.
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