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  1. DINA SMINA! Watching new Fairy Tail?

    1. Lady Deadpool

      Lady Deadpool

      ΗOLY EF WHY AM I SO LATE AT THIS? I haven't in a while now, but I kinda like the new ones. Loving the new soundtrack in particular! Are you up to date with the manga?


    1. Tomâ„¢


      Come on Jade, specifics! Chicken nugget? Golden nugget?....

    2. Jade


      Golden Nugget because they're GREAAAAAT. <--- see what I did there? Frostiesss

  3. How is it that I only just realized there is a profile feed where people can post messages?

    1. jigz
    2. Jade
    3. jigz


      haha that's alright jade xD

  4. Finally got around to updating my profile content and signature.

  5. My username now makes things easy. For some reason I can't use my original username: Hermione.

  6. Happy Birthday girl! XD

    1. Dumbledores Woman

      Dumbledores Woman

      Thank you so much! :)


  7. Tom is making me hungry. -_- Chinese food. <3

  8. I'm great. >.< What you been up to lately?

    1. The Midnight Q

      The Midnight Q

      Not too much really. Looking for a job mainly...didn't realize it was a full time effort on its own heh. Whats up with you?

  9. That's good and I'm good to thanks. XD What you been up to lately?

  10. Hello, how're you? :D

  11. Sporting Comic Relief. <3

  12. I know, I'm stunning :D Haha, I joke, thank you. XD How're you?

  13. I have a few version of the LOTR trilogy. I have a limited edition, All 3 in 1 and a pocket sized trilogy. >.< Oh and for Christmas I had the film tied in editions.

  14. hauntedhobbit :D I love Tolkiens work! I'm a massive fan of the series. I have collectors items etc. The scenery in the films too! <3

  15. I LOVE your new username. My twitter username is based off the hobbit. :D

  16. And a Happy New Year to you too Jon. I hope you have an awesome day and of course 2013. :D

  17. Jade

    That's awesome! Enjoy your free time! Haha, I don't get to game much because I have so much other stuff to do so I generally hardcore game!

  18. Jade

    I've completed all of them in less than a day but my lecturers and friends have said it took them an extra couple of hours. So I'll play for about 24 hours straight. xD Good luck with graduation!

  19. Jade

    I'm good ta you? And I plan on playing it hardcore on Christmas day until I complete it. >.<

  20. Jade

    I'm glad you like it! I noticed you playing it when I'm online so I thought I'd make your Christmas gift Assassins Creed. :P I had a choice of getting it or LEGO LOTR so Assassins is a Christmas present. xD

  21. I've left a gift for you in my showcase.

  22. I know haha xD

  23. Why hello there mrs damon fandom lover too xD

  24. I'm just trying to keep active really. xD Plus exercise helps with studying. As for the braces they're great so far. They never hurt when I got them tightened but they have broke. I'm getting them fixed tomorrow.

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