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    Anyone here?

    It's taken me a good 30 minutes trying to work out what my log in details were. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone is around who remembers me? Was talking to Joe (also an ex member) and realised I only keep in contact with about three old members. I was wondering if anyone from about 2003/2011 is still around and would be interested in staying in touch? I remember Ashley, Imagine, Irina, Elena and lots more! I used to go by x.emmafan.x on the old forum, then when it was lost and this one got made I changed to Jade. If anyone is interested, feel free to add/follow/chat/
  2. Jade

    Emmazingly edited

    You've improved so much
  3. Welcome to the forum
  4. Jade

    Sourburst Graphics

    Yes it's for you Stef
  5. Jade

    Sourburst Graphics

    Mortal Instruments original here
  6. Jade

    Sourburst Graphics

    My day off work Stef, I'm getting crack-o-lacking on your request
  7. Falling asleep but wanting food
  8. Jade

    Sourburst Graphics

    Thanks everyone! Yes Ash! Less than a year until the next one
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