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    i'm getting this kind someday and it will be a girl named Duchess I love Poms and my neighbor downstairs has a chihuahua named Chico he's my baby I walk him a lot and he so adorable
  2. I guess she is a Whacko feel kind of bad for her and the wheel chair and cat makes it worse Not having to take your shoes off is much better then people touching your ::coughs:: no need for details lol but I am coming to England no matter what i love it there
  3. yeah they look awesome but they really do suck LOL don't get them
  4. Beauty and the Beast The Lion King Moulin Rouge Wicked
  5. Eeeww my god.... LOL ::coughs:: I hope you don't have to strip to the security in front of millions of strangers I'll take a cruise in stead to england I guess
  6. I love english words (not in a bad way) its good to use something else that way a fellow american can't tell what it is even my teacher BAHAHA Does Fight in British language mean Flap? I saw Ballet Shoes and I heard it in there
  7. I dreamed That i was out to dinner in NYC with my mom and I saw Taylor Swift and Jake Gylenhall having dinner a few tables away.. and it was so AWESOME!! lol
  8. oh well thank god its friday as always. I am reading some interesting stuff on English breakfasts... people eat mushrooms and baked beans with eggs and sausge. sounds good Man i'm hungry looking at the internet LOL Off to get my christmas tree now... still early but oh well
  9. Reading the differences from English and American breakfasts LOL and watching a movie
  10. Go back to bed then.. I have the day off Hehe
  11. Katie20


    I Pray I may get engaged to my 2 year relationship boyfriend.. since he said he wants to ask me something Christmas morning
  12. Katie20


    In love and curious
  13. I am in a relationship and its not Will
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