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    Bookworm. Chocolate lover. I am very interested in Human Psychology. Strong-Egalitarian.
  1. Happy belated 25th birthday to Emma!♡♡♡♡ You have lived quarter of your life, if you live until you are 100!!
  2. Cbmac12, you said your friend wrote a Grintson fanfic. Can you post a link to it?
  3. Does anybody here write fan fiction? Or can any one of you write a Rupert/Emma fanfic?
  4. Thank you to all for welcoming me!! I agree with Jon(can I call u that?), I love their friendship. They have shared their childhood together, they know each other better than most of everybody else(except the fellow Harry Potter cast members, obviously), they have shared such a vital part of their lives together, and have formed such a strong bond. It seems to us, that it would be great for them to have a romantic relationship. Any decision or choice lies in their hands, and we can only go so far. But, I think we will cherish their relationship, whatever the nature of it may be, forever!
  5. Yes, I have seen it!! Do you have the link to the interview that Jessie did? Why hasn't anybody else been to this thread recently? I want to meet and talk to everybody!!!! P.S: Um.....what does avi mean? ( I guess it means profile picture. If so, well, thanks!! )
  6. Hey cbmac12! What you said is absolutely true! It's very admirable how they've managed to stay so grounded after all that success!! I'm not sure if I'm right but I was going through previous posts the other day and somebody quoted Jessie Cave saying, " Emma loves spending time with Rupert. She's always in his trailer." Something like that. I'm not sure whether I saw it here or somewhere else.
  7. Have any of you read Where Rainbows End(UK) / Love, Rosie(US) by Cecelia Ahetn? Rupert and Emma remind me of the main protagonists of the book- Rosie and Alex. Only that Rosie and Alex are each others only best friends, but Rupert and Emma seem to have good friends other than each other as well. I think Rupert and Emma are quite special for each other though. Dan, Rupert and Emma have known each other for more than a decade. They must know other people whom they have known for more than a decade as well, but they have seen each other every single day during their important transition fro
  8. Hello Everybody! I am new to this forum. A very advanced Merry Christmas to all of you!
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