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  1. Yeah. I am fucking serious. You are a typical women who laughs at mens hardships and pain. Yet we men need to "suck it up/man up". We are not "allowed to cry".


    And if we do cry.... you female bitches bash us and call us wimps/not real men and wonder "where all the real men went".


    The truth is.... The real men went no where. You/females/society turned men into giant pussies and now you are regretting it..... but will never admit it....because women are NEVER wrong and ALWAYS have the last word.... LOL.


    Grow up!

  2. Her speeches constantly scream that women are victims yet in reality, MEN are being bashed and treated like shit. Have you seen the current world? Every news station hates white men. White men is EVIL according to them. Every single supposed minority or woman hates the white man.


    I am a white man and I can't even get a job at Taco Bell because the Woman who works there ONLY hires women! Feminism has gone too far. Women are taking over everything and it is only hurting the world. 

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