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  1. http://i.imgur.com/n6AZ2eR.jpg%22%5D"]http://i.imgur.com/n6AZ2eR.jpg -- I'm mobile at the moment, but someone on Instagram put these two together for a side by side. You can see a few of the differences. (:
  2. Yeah, most of the responses I get are: "you have similar eyes" or "similar mouths" and whatnot. Most times, I don't really see it. xD I just had someone on my Instagram today say that if Emma had quit acting, I should have replaced her as Hermione. I'm like.. no way, I can't do that! LOL.
  3. Ahaha, yeah it's weird. I've gained over 1k followers on Instagram who are like.. "Whoah, you're quite similar to Emma!" xD I'm like.. whaaat? I'm flattered lol. Thank you for the warm welcome! <3
  4. Karielle


    I love your name, Loretta! I know this is a late reply, ahah.
  5. Hey, there! (: How's it going?
  6. I was really hoping she'd end up with this film role, but at least we've got Beauty and the Beast to look forward to!
  7. I'm actually excited to see how this one turns out. (: I should probably read the book, shouldn't I?
  8. Ahaha, well.. the last one I read was 'Looking For Alaska' by John Green.
  9. Hey, there! My name is Kari and I'm 25 years old. I've been a fan of Emma's since the first Harry Potter film. A couple of girls ran up to me at the post office and shouted, "It's Hermione Granger!" I had no idea what they were talking about at the time, but I did a bit of research and that's when I found out about Harry Potter. I don't know, what do you think? I can see quite a few differences with our jawline structures and our noses, etc. (: Anyway, I believe I used to be on this forum a long time ago.. but, I forgot what my login details were. Oops. So, back! (: I'm so proud of Emma's work
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