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  2. To British People, I am deaf and from United States of America, I am alumnus of prestigious university and involved many human rights for my political work for many years. I am aware of Emma Watson who involved UN Human Rights and HeForShe organization, I love to see her working with deaf people who want to participate this. I am here to ask you question that do Emma Watson know any British Sign Language For Deaf People, no matter if you already met her in person and you may ask Emma Watson if she know any British Sign Language after her meeting with Deaf People or she may be aware of
  3. I wonder why isn't Emma Watson living in the United States if she thinks she want to have a better life in the U.S. and start to continue to play in big box office Hollywood movies frequently, it would make easier for her settle down and living in either LA or NY while commute to work in the studios where she can play in Hollywood movies. However, unfortunately, she just returned back to England after finished up her bachelor's degree at Brown last year, also, she would have peace and staying with her boyfriend but she isn't with her boyfriend anymore since November, which results in being
  4. Any Confirm That Emma Watson will be filming along with Tom Hanks in San Francisco, California Next Month?
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