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  1. @R/Hr shipper : Completely agreed with ur whole point. Its the best thing to do, re-reading the original seven books. Even Albus has been shown such a spoiled kid, I couldn't believe Harry and Ginny can have such a son....and the same applied for Rose too. I too dont think RoMione wouldnot happen if Hermione didnot go to the Ball with Krum but even if they weren't married, that tension was still between them which was shown in Cursed Child. And the saddest thing is Ron and Hermione's charcters had really not given much importance in the plot. And abt giving so much importance to Draco, I have
  2. Yes the Romione moments in the book were the only saving grace, and I loved them in all the timelines...and they were the only factor or reason for making me hooked throughout the book....and with so many golden RoMione moments in the seven books itself, the cursed child book also quite maintains a pretty good level for RoMione, and I am happy as a R/Hr shipper but not as a Potterhead....@CbMac: Yeah I know there are many RoMione writers who wrote keeping very close to canon and I love reading them and yes its the best way to remain happy as a crazy RoMione shipper....but if you have R/Hr FFs
  3. Oh....Actually I don't read FFs much or rather say I'm not very much fond of, as most of them are so non-canon that I couldn't relate them to my RoMione whom I adore so much. But there are few RoMione FFs on my bookmark which are quite canon and I love them. Anyways give me the link of the FF which u are talking about?
  4. Yupz...its better u avoid all the reviews till u complete reading it, otherwise u won't be able to appreciate 1â„… of it...But yeah u gonna really enjoy those fewer RoMione moments in the book and I assure u that....
  5. Finally I had finished reading the so-called eighth potter book: Cursed Child. Its better not to compare it with the seven books which we already adore it so much cuz its no way in match with that level and moreover it completely lacks that J Ro magic. I quite liked the Part 1 while Part 2 is quite boring, though the beautiful RoMione moments in between provide a fresh air.....There are moments when I felt confused with this poor storyline,rather say poor way of story telling.As its written in play form,you won't get the same feeling as you get when you read a novel. Just R/Hr moments were h
  6. @Red : Completely agree with you...I am not getting the same feeling for it till now which I felt while reading the seven Potter books for the first time....Yet I am on and reading it , I am in Act one, Scene five now, so not commenting more...
  7. The main problem I am facing while reading the book is that the rapid transition of scenes from one to another, I mean thats might be ok for the play but its not at all feeling good while reading it...the years in Hogwarts are moving in jet speed....
  8. I just get my eBook of Cursed Child and its time to start reading....I am just avoiding reviews on the book now as it might spoil my mood to read it with full attention and interest....Gonna share my reviews once I am done with reading.
  9. OK Jon,wishing u have a great holiday...I will surely prefer the ebook downloadable version of the script book any day....Iff its gonna available online as its saying
  10. Yes I completely agree with both of u....We can analyse each and every chapter line by line once we each got our hands on the book....It will be like reliving English literature classes of our school....Anyways just read that digital download of the script book will be released on July 31 too online....
  11. Oh you haven't get the tickets then?And yeah exactly it'd be interesting to see how much it matches up with the seven brilliant books...excitement is full on all over for it and why not we are getting a 8th Potter book....And hopefully a movie too after a while so that we can see it on the big screen and of course I want that with Daniel, Rupert and Emma together....Even Daniel said in an interview that he doesn't throw away the possibility of him playing adult Harry in the future if the script is extremely good....
  12. @cbmac12_Thank u... Now talking of Cursed child, yes Emma was in full praise for it....I am sure the play's a treat to watch but for us who are unable to watch it and to satisfy their Potterminds through the script book only, I seriously wish its upto the mark and of course if its as good as the J Ro's seven Potter books....
  13. Was feeling exhausted after coming from university, so decided to refresh my mood by rewatching DH part 1 on my laptop and reliving the HP days. Always feel while watching the movies why dint the makers include this, why dint they include that portion from the book....but I am not going to rant about it...instead I will talk of RoMione scenes in the movie. First their hug after seven potters journey is really lovely and made me feel good, I love the fact that they include Tonks praising Ron and Hermione like u did it and Ron's always the tone of surprise just like the book is great and thanks
  14. @Mr. Pumpkinhead( Hey would you mind saying your name ? Your username is way too long for me to type): Its always been pleasure for me talking nonstop about my RonMione, and moreover voicing my thoughts and opinions among the persons with almost the same tastes and interests is what making me more happy. I am a huge R/Hr fan from my childhood days when I first came around Harry Potter and when I don't even know the so called term "shipping a pair " but became a RoMione worshipper from that time only. Anyways I am Simantini.
  15. @rhrshipper: Your every word abt R/Hr relationship is absolutely right, I agree completely. Yes its not rushed all of a sudden, its been built gradually from the 1st book and if J Ro didn't thought them to be together from the beginning, then she would never actually plant the seeds of their relationship. The growth in their relationship is always a notable part throughout the series and why won't anyone who read it not fall for them? I was, I have and I will always adore them. And yes every relationship is unique, if there is love, care and respect for each other no one can separate them and
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