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  1. BTW, "luck" my means was not to neglect her hard work and her sacrifices but final outcome the world and whole harry potter team and herself get to experience and the wisdom of that side of life she may be experiencing because of all of this miracle happened in everyone's life with the journey of "harry potter", we all have know. I just means she watching the world with her own angle which is different. "This is just my immature attempt to tell what I think, So,...just as a thought."
  2. I think Emma Watson is the luckiest girl on earth. Her whole childhood is filmed in the movie. What an awesome thing that is. No any other person that I know who had this opportunity. When she will look back in her life she is going to become so much emotional many times. I also feel so much emotional when I see Harry Potter movies and compare my life and my friends with the life of Harry Potter. She is so much lucky girl....! What do you think about this... do you also feel that much emotional...??
  3. Emma... King kong movie is waiting for you....
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